Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Wolverine Synchronicity: Is Wolverine a Shaman?

Hugh Jackman, as Wolverine

Yesterday I posted about "wolverine synchronicity" and wolverines in Oregon. Today I came across one of The Daily Grail's bloggers,"mcgnarl78" who asks "Is Wolverine a Shaman?" (read the comments for corrected link.)

As to the point I made about the disingenuous and misdirection of authorities when it comes to acknowledging the existence of animals in any given area, I found this item on Fauna: Where Are the Wolverines?
Where else in the United States they might be (besides Idaho, which has a small protected population) is anyone's guess. In April 1995 the US Fish and Wildlife Service used the animal's rarity and mysterious nature to deny it threatened status, claiming, Catch-22-like, that there wasn't enough information to warrant listing it. Despite recent sightings in western states, including Oregon and Washington, little definitive evidence has surfaced for years or even decades. (italics mine.) The last specimen of a California wolverine was taken in 1925, near Yosemite National Park — yet hikers keep reporting wolverine-like creatures and tracks in the high Sierra Nevada.

Not Hugh Jackman