Monday, March 23, 2009

Local News: "Bomb Squad Retreives Odd Object"

Yesterday in Eugene, where I currently live, an object found in a field not far from the airport was suspicious enough to close down the highway in both directions for about 2 hours and get the bomb squad out there.

DOT (Department of Transportation) called it in to the Oregon State police. The object "appeared to resemble a fire extinguisher with black tape on it."

According to the newspaper The Register-Guard, the authorities aren't revealing much:
As to what the object could possibly have been, or why police were so concerned, they wouldn't say. Nor would they disclose where the bomb squad took it for analysis.

It's acknowledged they bomb squad "never" reveals where they take their suspicious devices to be analyzed, but the silence on the object itself is interesting, as is this comment from State Police spokesperson Gregg Hastings:
"We don't want other people making similar devices."

You can view a clip of the robotic device inspecting the object here.

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