Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fortean Octopi

I'm reading Andrew Colvin's Mothman's Photographer III, and, as with MP II, he is heavily involved with all the connecting threads of seemingly unconnected facts, news items, names, logos, and,the symbolism and hidden or more esoteric motivations behind the timing of news items. In that context, what is the symbolism and or meaning of all these octopus news items recently? Octopus are clearly intelligent, and their intelligence is observed daily by aquarium staff. One news item gets out about an entertaining, tricky octopus, another aquarium follows with its own story about its own octopus, and soon the items start to appear. Part of this is professional competition, part promotion and publicity for specific aquariums; nothing occult there. But it's fun to play the game and find the Fortean in the "normal."

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