Sunday, March 15, 2009

David Icke in UFO Magazine

My original intent for this blog was to discuss the areas that aren't openly discussed in UFO and esoteric research; all those experiences we are witness to...however, this blog quickly took its own direction and I just followed. Octopus reigns, and I must obey.

But I started off by mentioning UFO Magazine's decision to run the interview with David Icke,, and I said I'd comment on it, so here it is. My "true confession" is this:I think Icke's a horny old anti-Semite, and a fool. And yet, in typical trickster fashion, one night I turned on Coast to Coast, not knowing who the guest was, and listened to the man being interviewed; what he had to say was very apt. I was impressed. Then flummoxed, when I learned the guest was David Icke. Ha! Does this mean I became a convert to Icke's ways? Hell no. He's still a horny old anti-Semite fear mongering fool. UFO and esoteric studies are full of guys like him.

Anyway, UFO Magazine published the interview,and really, as much as I dislike Icke, and I do, believe me, the interview only served to show him for the shallow two-faced huckster he is. Publisher Bill Birnes' article that follows puts any thoughts to rest about UFO Magazine condoning the likes of Icke.

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