Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Russian Sky Weirdness

In context of the previous post about Russia's space agency's talk of shooting an asteroid out of the sky, is this news: Vladimir Putin calls for more weapons to stop America doing 'whatever it wants'
Russia needs more weapons to punch through America’s new missile defence shield, Vladimir Putin said yesterday. . .

Russian Sky Weirdness

Russian sky and space weirdness continues. We've had the Blue Spiral ("failed Russian missile"), pyramid UFOs over the Kremlin, and now this: news from Russia's space agency that it plans to:

knock a large asteroid off course and reduce the chances of earth impact, even though U.S. scientists say such a scenario is unlikely.

The asteroid is Apophis; 885 foot (give or take I'm sure) object that isn't worrying US scientists much:

NASA had put the chances that Apophis could hit Earth in 2036 as 1-in-45,000. In October, after researchers recalculated the asteroid's path, the agency changed its estimate to 1-in-250,000.
NASA said another close encounter in 2068 will involve a 1-in-330,000 chance of impact.

"It wasn't anything to worry about before. Now it's even less so," said Steve Chesley, an astronomer with the Near Earth Object Program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Russia sees things differently:

Without mentioning NASA's conclusions, Perminov said that he heard from a scientist that Apophis is getting closer and may hit the planet. "I don't remember exactly, but it seems to me it could hit the Earth by 2032," Perminov said.

"People's lives are at stake. We should pay several hundred million dollars and build a system that would allow us to prevent a collision, rather than sit and wait for it to happen and kill hundreds of thousands of people," Perminov said.

Russia's space agency feels confident they can build what they need to build in time, and successfully complete their mission. But this last statement, by the Institute of Astronomy Director Boris Shustov, is cryptic:

"Apophis is just a symbolic example, there are many other dangerous objects we know little about"

The juicy invitation to speculate that this comment hands us is too interesting to ignore ... UFOs? Disclosure? War? Political posturing? Staged events: religious, alien, etc?
"Apophis" is the Egyptian:

demon serpent of darkness whom Ra, as sun god, destroys every morning at dawn

What we can't do with that fun fact of esoteric imagery! (Remember the recent BVM apparition in Egypt earlier this month.)  In the context of the already mentioned Russian displays, the plans to plan to plan an attack on Apophis, combined with Shustov's comment, we can expect more Fortean and generally weird things to come surrouding Russia.


Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid


Apophis, Enemy of Re

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

San Fransico Sea Lions Mysteriously Vanish

What's happened to the sea lions in San Fransico's Pier 39? They're gone, suddenly, and no one knows how, or why. Sea Lions Mysteriously Disappear From Pier 39

The Bomber's Underwear and a New Year's Celtic Knot

Boing Boing and piglipstick comment on the media's crazy weird obsession with the Nigerian bomber's underwear. Complete with photos; several of them. As Boing Boing comments:
This is the creepiest wide-distribution media image I can remember seeing for many years. What distasteful internet parodies and fetish riffs may yet come?

It surely is creepy, as well as a morbid distraction. piglipstick calls this latest round of distasteful disinfo "security theater." End of year nervousness is kept ramped with stories of strange signs in the skies (BVM, blue spirals, pyramids over the Kremlin), attacks on leaders (red hooded woman attacks Pope, Italy's PM attacked), and shadowy lore surrounding the latest "terrorist" attack on US soil. A well dressed man seems to have facilitated the Nigerian's passage, sans passport, he comes from a wealthy and respected family, the US was warned yet did nothing,his Yemen connections, our Yemen connections,  and it all comes down to exploding underwear.

We're still witnessing the swine flu current, but that's old news. Bigger, faster and more stuff is needed. Jittery, and edging closer to 2012.  New York City's New Year's Eve ball has been redesigned. The ball has close to three hundred Waterford crystal triangles, which have been arranged so they represent a Celtic knot that continues the events theme, which is "Let There Be Courage."

Some 288 of the ball's 2,668 Waterford crystal triangles will be replaced this year with new ones featuring the Celtic knot design. Straus said it evokes the yellow ribbons that welcome home soldiers or red ribbons for AIDS awareness.

"Let There Be Courage?" In the face of what? This barely twilight language theme implies there's much we need courage for. Telling comments from Straus: yellow ribbons, (war) red ribbons (a war of a different kind.)  Setting the stage for something to come...


NYC's New Year's Eve ball gets new crystal; new iPhone app lets revelers make virtual toasts

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Red Hooded Woman Attacks Pope as Part of Global Staging

A strange incident, that seems odder still when juxtaposed with other odd events this holiday season; the attempted bombing of Northwest Flight 253 in particular.

Both incidents served to grab international attention during a time when many of us are vulnerable emotionally and spiritually; we're amped up at this time of year on many levels. Add to this mix international travel; people dependent on the whims and fates of weather, airport security, government, flight arrivals and cancellations. . .

The Pope, during the Christmas Day blessing, was attacked by a young woman in a red hooded sweatshirt. The woman had climbed over a barrier and managed to pull the Pope to the ground; however, the Pope was unharmed. Reports say the woman was mentally unstable. Interesting for the above reasons but also in context of the attack two weeks earlier on the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi's attacker, it's been reported, also has mental problems.

One of the things to emerge from these incidents --  the bombing attempt, the attacks on the Pope and Silvio Berlusconi --  is the reminder from authority of the need for tighter security. Homeland Security was lightening quick in its announcements for newer, stricter security edicts, which have already been put in place. Along with these even more restrictive rules is the urging of Homeland Security for the use of body scanners in airports.

As to the failed bombing attempt by Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, there's further support for the sleeper agent scenario: Abdulmutallab told authorities "operatives" in Yeman gave him the explosives. The US attacked Yemen on December 19th.

Whether intentionally planned by the Global Cabal (you know, "Them,") or the Trickster in our face, there are esoteric elements all over these events. Two mentally unstable people, a  woman in her twenties wearing a hood that's red, (Christmas color, blood, sacrifice, wanton woman,) the inept would be airplane bomber from Nigeria, (the Nigerian e-mail spam scams,) Christmas Day, (world peace, love, goodwill to men, religion. . . ) the Pope, (authority, religion, spiritual control, sexual control, Nazis,) the Vatican,(more control and authority infrastructure, hidden treasures and secrets, power, global presence) and Kafka-esqe rules that are, we're  told,to keep us safe, but really serve to humiliate and control.

These incidents seem unconnected and maybe they are; but they all happened on the global stage, during a time of global sharing and unity, and where travel is at its highest on a world wide level. Institutions were attacked: the Pope/Vatican, (and two weeks previously, Italy's PM, another authority) and an airline, directly involving Homeland Security.

Detroit attack: terrorist once again confounds airport security

Christmas assault on pope in St Peter’s

United States Attacks Yemen 

Reposted on my blog  Octopus Confessional

Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Now-a-days, all we get is slush"

Jim and I spent a lovely, quiet Christmas day enjoying corny old movies. One of the many movies we watched was Holiday Affair with Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh, and Wendell Corey.  Released in 1949, the black and white romantic comedy is about a war widow raising her son, and the two men who both want to marry her.

I thought the following exchange between the two male characters a little startling because of what we're experiecning today with global warming/climate changes.  Meeting each other for the first time, they're both uncomfortable since they're both interested in the same woman and make a clumsy attempt at conversation. In Janet Leigh's apartment, standing in front of the fireplace, they have the following exchange, which isn't verbatim, but close:
Carl Davis/Corey: "They say it's going to be a white Christmas this year."
Steve Mason/Mitchum: "That’ll be nice."
Carl/Corey: "Usually now a days, all we get is slush."
Steve/Mitchum: "Yeah, ten years ago, we had snow all the time."
Carl/Corey: "Now, it's all slush"
Stever /Mithcum: "Yeah. Must be because of the atomic bomb."
Carl/Corey: "Yeah."

That wasn't the exact wording, and I don't remember who said what, but that's the gist of it. It was a bit startling to hear two characters make note of climate changes and the possibility those changes had to do with humanities interference with nature sixty years ago!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Octopi Love: "Poulpe"

Poulpe Pulps is a wonderful resource of vintage cover art with underwater and Octopi type creatures as the theme. This is great news for me, for I share an affinity with things of the deep, especially the octopi realm.

Here's an excerpt from the Poulpe blog's intro:

Welcome to Poulpe Pulps, an OCTOPIA BLOG feature. The octopus, known as poulpe in French, pulpo in Spanish, polip in Hungarian, and polypous in Classical Greek, is pluperfectly the essence of pulp.

Here you will find hard-to-locate images of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure pulp and comic covers featuring the wily octopus, courtesy of your hostess Francesca Myman.

Related posts: Vintage U.F.O., Pulp Jello

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Surreal Juxtaposition: Garden and Gun Magazine

Kym Pokorny, for the Oregonian, makes it clear in her article Mix of gardens and guns is, well, just wrong she isn't against guns, exactly, but finds the combination of guns and gardens bizarre. I concur.
It feels surreal to peruse the magazine's Web site. The "About Us" section says, "Garden & Gun" is a Southern lifestyle magazine that's all about the magic of the new South – the sporting culture, the food, the music, the art, the literature, the people, and the ideas. It espouses a strong conservation ethic that grows out of its connection to the land, and it reveals the beauty of the South."

Well, hmmm. I guess the gun part comes with the sporting culture. I can't really see bloody carcasses as part of the beauty of anything, but, then, that's me. And I don't really think they run photos of any dead things.
The mix of stories is weird: a guy in Atlanta who grows 43 different varieties of boxwood; letting your wife choose your "hard-core gun dog" (that's wrong on so many levels); farmers and environmentalists joining forces to bring back the bison; a company that rebuilds shotguns.

More here.

Creepy RFID Chip Ad

The music is soothing, lulling, hypnotic, and the actors are like Stepford Chip People.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Volunteer for Swine Flu Injections!

I don't know if this is happening nationally - - wouldn't be surprised if it is -- but locally (Oregon) nurses and other qualified health personnel are being asked to volunteer their time to give out swine flu injections. (See Need for Needlers, Eugene Register Guard.)

At the same time, we're being told there isn't enough of the vaccine to inject everyone.

But you can buy a swine flu plushie to keep you company until you do get injected.

Also, the swine flu vaccine has been recalled here in Oregon in various places, for various reasons.

And we're being told that the flu is up, it's down, up, down. . . a constant barrage of mixed messages: there's enough vaccine, there isn't, it's safe, it's recalled, etc. The swine flu stream has been continous, though uneven in its degrees of hysteria. The important thing has always been the presence of the message. Now swine flu has settled in comfortably, and we'll see what the New Year brings in terms of new fears, new flues, and new drugs.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fish From Space

The Anomalist featured a link today from the Forgetomori blog: A Fishy "Space Monster." The post is from November, and shares the following:
Mikhail Gershtein, from St. Petersburg, Russia, sent me the “beautiful” alien scan above, from James Moseley’s Saucer News, Vol14 N4, 1967-68.

It’s a “’Space Monster’ allegedly found recently in Russia by a farmer named Vasily Dubichev”. The source for such spectacular story? “The Feb 26 edition of the National Examiner”. Not exactly (or perhaps exactly) where you would expect this kind of news to come from.

The image from Saucer News reminded me of the 2007 story, also from Russia, about an "alien fish" found by Russian fisherman. I wrote about it for UFO Digest in February of 2007: Squeaking Alien Eaten: UFOs and High Strangeness in Rostov, Russia:
According to the account in Pravda, fisherman in Rostov, Russia, caught a strange “shark-looking” creature. Images of the weird creature were taken with a cell phone. Then they ate it. The logic being, in part anyway, that they weren’t “scared” of the creature, so saw no reason not to eat it. It was quite delectable, too, according to one of the fisherman.

In typical Trickster fashion, where odd coincidences and relationships exist in the land of anomalies and UFOs, we find that Rostov, and the surrounding areas, have seen its share of UFOs and strange creatures.

Picture of the "alien" found in Russia

Rostov, Russia has its share of UFO sightings and related events, going back decades. (Rostov is in the North Caucasus region, and borders the Vorenezh region, also Ukraine.) Any internet search will turn up lots of interesting cases. Undoubtedly many of the UFOs seen were, and are, military objects from within Russia as well as outside the country. But overall, there are a high number of UFO cases that occurred in the Rostov region. A random and short sampling:
Liudmila Goryacheva filmed a UFO in Rostov; the sighting was picked up by the Rostov and Moscow news agencies. The sightings continued for a month.(Flier’s Files)

But probably the most well known case is the September 27, 1989 Voronezh, Russia entity and UFO sighting. Several children saw a nine foot, three eyed-entity, accompanied by a robotic being of some kind. The UFO landed just outside the city of Voronezh, and, like something from The Day the Earth Stood Still, the alien shot a weapon at one of the witnesses. This incident is problematic in many ways, but it is clear something very weird and highly unusual happened. In some ways it reminds me of Marian apparitions, witnessed by children, with accompanying high strangeness.
Following the bad vintage monster movie theme, I found the monster from the 1958 movie It Conquered the World similar to the Russian alien fish.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Killer Carp and anti-Semitism

I found the juxtaposition of the following two links bizarre;  Killer Carp - A Fish Experiment Gone Wrong, informs us that, killer carp -- some are escapees from fish farms, some imported from Asia --  are attacking people in Chicago and the Great Lakes and other areas.  Electric fences have been erected, the Coast Guard is on alert, and people are fearful that catfish and these monster carp will breed and eat the children.  Okay, we've had our fun, so we scroll to the bottom of the page and find this link: True cannibals: The Feast of Children which informs us that Jews drink the blood of children and other paranoid racist nonsense. It's so over the top the latter has to be a joke as well but then again, the link was found on, a site known for racist and paranoid rants.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cattle Rustlers Sought in Oregon

Eastern Oregon ranchers have been losing cattle. According to authorities, it's extremely difficult to navigate in the remote and difficult to access areas, yet there are cattle rustlers who know the area very well. Somehow they're getting cattle out of these sparsely populated terrain.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

U.S. Army: Psychic Ray Guns

This item from the New Scientist reveals that the U.S. army has declassified info in its "Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons" on supposed ray-gun type weapons that "would cause artificial fevers or beam voices into people's heads," among other things.

An odd little juxtaposition; earlier today on Facebook I saw that the FB game "Mafia Wars" has a new item in its game; a pink ray gun type item.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Apple's Proposed "Enforcement Routine"

Apple has invested in technology that, if utilized, will force consumers to view ads on a variety of items before they can use them called "enforcement technology." Thanks to Lesley at Debris Field for the link.
What the application calls the “enforcement routine” entails administering periodic tests, like displaying on top of an ad a pop-up box with a response button that must be pressed within five seconds before disappearing to confirm that the user is paying attention.

These tests “can be made progressively more aggressive if the user has failed a previous test,” the application says. One option makes the response box smaller and smaller, requiring more concentration to find and banish. Or the system can require that the user press varying keyboard combinations, the current date, or the name of the advertiser upon command, again demonstrating “the presence of an attentive user.”

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Tortura!" Vintage Halloween Album Cover

I was looking for vintage Halloween images; I entered "vintage Halloween Christian" because I was looking for anything saintly or Marian to post on UFO Mary, and found this -- the obvious Catholic parallels won't be pointed out . . .

Sunday, September 13, 2009

British Teachers Against Teaching Patriotism

Amidst the scary parts of the article is the encouraging fact that many British teachers are against "brainwashing" their students by teaching patriotism. Majority of teachers don't want to promote 'brainwashing' patriotism to pupils

It's an odd article, I'm not sure if I missed something or what, but it seems to jump from discussing teachers dislike of indoctrinating students to items about students tested on a number of things. It goes from the following comment by writer Fredercik Forsyth who dismisses fears of indoctrination:
Novelist and commentator Frederick Forsyth said: 'I wish these teachers would see that patriotism in the sense of that quiet pride is nothing to be afraid of. It's not aggressive. It doesn't put down foreigners. It doesn't noisily wave flags and it certainly doesn't swerve towards the BNP.'

And segues to this:
Pupils at a state comprehensive school are to be given therapy lessons by staff from a celebrity rehab clinic on drug addiction, anger management and eating disorders. Teachers at Notley High, Braintree, Essex, have teamed up with experts from the private Priory hospitals, which are better known for helping celebrities such as Amy Winehouse overcome their excesses. They have developed a programme of cognitive behaviour therapy to tackle issues including anger, low self esteem, eating disorders and drug addiction. Staff hope the voluntary lessons will help pupils avoid developing such problems in the first place.

Which is also scary of course.

England is doing some very weird things over there, and have been since 9/11. Which isn't a coincidence. Speaking of bizarre mind-op social engineering studies on students, I wrote about the use of UFOs and random shooter as a motif in My Teacher Was Abducted By Aliens: Preparation for Fake Disclosure? for UFO Digest in July.

On Naveed's Realm: "Was there a giant cephalopod in Devil's Lake?"

Naveed on his blog Naveed's Realm has an interesting item about the legend of the monster in Devil's Lake in Lincoln City, Oregon.
The short story as for as the Oregon one goes is that the Siletz Indian tribe centuries ago used to really like of the area of Devil's Lake. Then one night when a group of warriors was dispatched across the lake, massive tentacles burst forth from the waters destroying the canoes. The warriors where then flung around, beaten against the water and debris, and died from drowning or injury. From then on the lake was called Devil's Lake.

Was the "monster" a squid, or is the story only a myth to explain the dangers of the area?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chemtrail Talk by Clifford Carnicom in Portland, OR

I'm posting this announcement of an upcoming talk on chemtrails by Clifford Carnicom. This comes to me by way of Richard Frager.

On Saturday September 12th hear Clifford Carnicom talk on the Aerosol Operation being done in our skies. The title of the talk is the Environmental and Biological Consequences of Aerosols. The Location will be the Friends Meeting House located at 4312 S.E. Stark St Portland Oregon. The lecture will start at 230 PM and will be followed by a question and answer period. The cost of the event will be $10. Attached is a flier for the event. Please print and pass out to friends and family.

Below is a description of the talk and Clifford's Bio

Clifford Carnicom will speak about his latest research on the aerosol operations that have affected the welfare of this planet for more than a decade. In addition, special emphasis will be given to a series of unusual and remarkable biological findings that have major implications for the state of our health.

Clifford Carnicom has been a researcher on the aerosol operations (aka Chemtrails) for the past 11 years. His work examines a broad range of applications including environmental control, military, electromagnetic, surveillance and geophysical applications, biological operations and geophysical considerations. He has produced an award-winning, non-profit documentary on the aerosol issue that is distributed worldwide. Currently a computer consultant, Clifford was a research scientist and federal employee for 15 years with three different agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense. He has held a high level security clearance. His research can be found at

Contact information Tim Titrud 503-701-3481

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Swine Flu Reactions Close to Home

A very good friend of mine, who I respect, vehemently disagrees with me about the swine flue vaccinations. This friend sees refusal to get vaccinated as, at best, irresponsible, even abusive to one's family and co-workers. I completely understand, and respect that point of view. I understand where she is coming from, given the context of her profession, and her love for her family. I also completely disagree with her. What makes it more difficult in these crazy faux apocalyptic times is that others in her family also disagree, which makes for highly uncomfortable tension and bad feelings. I don't know if my friend agrees that the swine flu propaganda is propaganda, hype, and a man made, intentionally released "bug" set loose in the world. (Where I see the swine flu plushie as a surreal piece of indoctrination she sees it as an educational tool or toy) I would assume if she did believe that, she'd be more reluctant to get vaccinated.

Not necessarily so, I guess. Someone I know believes, like I do, that the swine flu is all of the above, but even so, will get vaccinated. This person trusts the vaccinations: they are harmless. (This person also told me that someone close to them has a job where it's requited they get vaccinated. I wondered, but didn't ask, if that's legal. Something to look into.)

When things like this are close to home, it forces you to check your own position on things. People I love, care about and respect disagree with me, sometimes almost violently so, on issues. What to do in these cases? After thinking about my thoughts on the swine flu, thinking on their positions, I am left with: I still believe and think what I did before hearing their positions.

Fortunately, I am not faced with, like my close friend, a challenge to family harmony. I don't have children, and my husband and I share the same opinions. What if, however, we did have children, or our disagreements clashed so strongly we ... what? Separate? Divorce? Sounds silly, but imagine one spouse refusing to get vaccinated, while the other insists he/she does. I wouldn't want my spouse to risk getting killed or harmed from the vaccinations (not to mention the other insidious aftermaths of a semi-mandated, "practice run" program of propaganda) while he wouldn't want me to be exposed to the flu, or, expose others. Of course, if one is vaccinated, it wouldn't matter if someone else were vaccinated or not. I realize from their point of view it's not that simple, for every person vaccinated, many more are not, and they see those individuals as at risk for getting ill, particularly children.

(See a related article The ethics of vaccination, even though it concludes that getting vaccinated is a good thing.)

Speaking of swine flu matters close to home, here in the Pacific Northwest a swine flu outbreak hit a Washington state campus hard. Approximately 2,500 students came down with the swine flu. Swine flu hits Washington State Univ. Classes started August 24th.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swine Flu Plushie!

Just when you think things couldn't get more surreal, well, they do. . .

You can buy a swine flu plush toy. Anything to get the message across that swine flu is your friend, even though it's your enemy. As long you get vaccinated. Twice. Maybe three times. No one knows yet. But in the meantime, you can cuddle up with Swiney until things get sorted out.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Please send Sister Wolf your love and light, she will be undergoing surgery. It would be nice to have her well enough to attend our local UFO meeting at the end of Sept, so send some extra love her way. :)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lovely mermaid image, found on the vintage image blog Vintage Moth.

Enter the Contradictory World of "Baby MRSA"

About a year ago I was in so much pain from the chronic ear infections I'd been having for months. After several trips to the doctor, Wellness Clinic, and the ER, I went back to the emergency room. This time someone decided to finally take a culture from my ear. After all the doctors I'd seen, and that includes two visits to a ENT specialist, no one bothered to take a culture. The results: MRSA. (I wrote about this last year for Book of Thoth: MRSA and Morgellons: Jangled Messages.)

I was once again put on various anti-biotics. It seemed to work for awhile, after another round after the first. Things calmed down.

What I found interesting during this process was the consistently confusing and conflicting responses from medical people. Downright cavalier at times, which contrasted strongly with the news and information about MRSA found in the media and on the internet. When I asked why it took so damn long for anyone to take a culture, I was told "No one thinks about MRSA," this followed by a laugh. I was told "Everyone has MRSA" and other lame things. (It's true the "bug" is all around and we harbor it, so to speak, but that factoid does nothing to explain specifics of an individuals case.) Meanwhile, schools were closing due to MRSA outbreaks, students and staff were getting MRSA infections. I followed protocol and informed my district but I didn't get one response from anyone. I take that back: one nurse said, via email, she'd inform the lead nurse but I didn't hear anything after that.

So I finally seem to get rid of the thing, or the Alien Crud as I call it, since my eyes were literally blood red, completely, and all kinds of other gross things I'll spare you from reading about. I still would have mild ear/eye infections off and on throughout the year, but assumed it was just "stuff" one gets from working in an elementary school. I never thought it was MRSA again since one doctor told me the MRSA was gone. I asked about a culture; she told me it wasn't necessary.

This past June, I got hit hard with infections in both ears and both eyes. Particularly my left eye; which is still giving me blurry vision. This time around it was not only blurry, alien red, and generally gross, but painful as hell. It was so bad I couldn't see well enough to drive. Light bothered me; I often wore those silly solar shield shades indoors. If I took off my glasses, people assumed I was hung over, or on dope. Great.

So I'm given all kinds of drops and oral antibiotics. The oral antibiotics made me feel insanely weird. As awful as the ear/eye situation was, the effects of the antibiotics were equally as bad. I stopped taking the pills, and was given a different kind, which seemed to work and other than making me drowsy, no bad effects. The infection seemed to clear up.

A few weeks later, it was back. Literally overnight; first the ears, then the eyes. Like someone turned on a switch. Back to the doctor, more stuff, after a week or so, went away.

Couple weeks later, back again! I was feeling ever so slightly wobbly over it but things seemed okay, I drove to the coast to visit my mother, by the next morning I was feeling pretty bad. Tired, just ... crappy, and the ear and eye thing all over again. As tired as I was after driving over two hours, I drove myself straight to the emergency room when I got back to Eugene. I was tired and had to shake off the visions of my going home and getting into bed.

At the emergency room the doctor took a culture; results wouldn't be back until Monday (today) but in the meantime, he prescribed both ear and eye drops, and oral
antibiotics. These antibiotics were sulfur something or another, and made me feel horrible. It was so horrible that I stopped, continuing with the drops, which did help.

Results of the culture came in today, and I was told I had "Not MRSA, but MSSA. You're prone to having it." I'm "prone to having it?" Just lucky I guess. Apparently it's like having Baby MRSA. Brief research on the Internet tells me they're of the same bug-strain-alien weirdness-whatever, but MRSA is worse and seemingly resistant to everything, while MSSA isn't. While MSSA is resistant to most antibiotics, it isn't to all of them. I did some quick searching on the Internet and ended up confused.One site said you can't have MRSA then have it go away and get MSSA which contradicts my experiences, unless someone was wrong about the results in the first place.

So in some ways it's fine; cultures have been taken, not as bad as some who have MRSA, or, and, MSSA, -- and yet, I am still unsure of what the story is. I still can't see well out of my left eye, my ears are much better but still infected, it's the third bout since June, medical personal seem downright jocular over the whole thing, and information on this MRSA/MSSA "bug" is confusing, contradictory, and doesn't jibe with the casual, almost trivial attitude from nurses, doctors, and school administrators.

Compare this attitude and the conflicting information surrounding MRSA/MSSA with the swine flu madness. Health officials, school administrators and governors have been meeting this summer to prepare for the worst, but, don't panic they tell us. We're told we'll need two injections of the vaccine for it to work, but that the swine flu will mutate into a "normal" flu. Yet murmurs of mandated vaccinations are in the air. The rush has been on to test the vaccine -- including infants! -- but don't panic, even though there might not be enough for everyone. In both situations: MRSA and swine flu, we're made to feel both silly for worrying, and stupid, even irresponsible, for not taking it seriously.

Well, I'm off to put more drops in the old alien eyes. Just in time for the new school year to begin!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Removal on hold for WWII era ships in Yaquina Bay
NEWPORT — The port will not be getting federal stimulus money to help remove two World War II-era concrete ships from the Yaquina Bay, as officials had hoped. They’re now working on a new plan.

Earlier this year, the Port of Newport applied for $13 million in federal stimulus money to add to the $18 million it had socked away for removing the 365-foot USS Hennebique and USS Pasley, decommissioned after the war. The ships, full of bunker fuel, asbestos, oil and gravel, have been used as docks in the bay for the past 61 years. They’re now considered a threat to the health of the estuary.

Rest of story at link.

OR "Gov has broad power to battle flu"

Governors across the U.S. have been meeting with health officials and feds to decide how to handle the coming swine flu crisis, as they'd have us believe. I've been posting here for months now about mandatory vaccinations; and while Oregon's governor Ted Kulongoski says he won't mandate vaccinations . . . we'll just have to wait and see. Here's an article on the meeting: Governor has broad power to battle flu;If faced with a serious outbreak, he could declare an emergency. About the power of the governor to implement Big Brother/The State:
“The governor’s powers in an emergency are defined broadly to give him maximum flexibility,” said Kelly Skye, a member of his legal staff.

Including calling in the National Guard and "suspend rules and regulations" if they're in the way. He can also "order food rationing or fix prices of goods such as gasoline to prevent gouging,"

As to enforced vaccinations, the Governor, as mentioned earlier, doesn't plan on doing that, (he says) but it's an option. And if the fear factor isn't working for some of us, guilt might. Refuse to be vaccinated? Or quarantined? Just need a good talking to:
Officials first would ask someone to agree to a voluntary quarantine, and most people do cooperate when confronted with the prospect of being responsible for spread of a disease that can cause serious illness and even death,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Richelle Hawks:

"If the medium is the message, and the medium is far enough removed, apparently at some point it must turn into a dolphin in a white tuxedo."

That is the best thing I've read in a long time.

It's from Richelle Hawks, who continues to astound me with her take on things, and the way she presents her insights.

Read Deconstructing the Dolphin-headed (Fake) Drug Dealer, her latest Medusa's Ladder for Binnall of America.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Octopi Cover Art Find

U.S. Navy Has Five Year Contract To Kill Sea Life


The United States Navy will be decimating millions of marine mammals and other aquatic life, each year, for the next five years, under their Warfare Testing Range Complex Expansions in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS under NOAA), has already approved the “taking” of marine mammals in more than a dozen Navy Range Warfare Testing Complexes (6), and is preparing to issue another permit for 11.7 millions marine mammals (32 Separate Species), to be decimated along the Northern, California, Oregon and Washington areas of the Pacific Ocean (7).

U.S. Department of Commerce – NOAA (NMFS) Definition: “TAKE” Defined under the MMPA as "harass, hunt, capture, kill or collect, or attempt to harass, hunt, capture, kill or collect." Defined under the ESA as "to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct." Definition: Incidental Taking: An unintentional, but not unexpected taking (12)

There is a lot of information about this on her website, with several links to more information; please read and pass this on.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Great White Shark Found in Depoe Bay, Oregon

From the site:
According to OSP Sergeant Todd Thompson, on August 8, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. an OSP Fish & Wildlife Division trooper was working on the Depoe Bay docks when a shark was brought in by a recreational tuna boat. The trooper contacted the boat occupants after they had already gutted the shark. They indicated the shark had become entangled in their crab gear and was pulled to the surface when they pulled in a crab pot.

Under investigation; it's illegal to "take or possess" a great white.

The Newport News Times has more, with pic, here.

NOAA Done Deal in Newport, Oregon

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has made it official; they just signed a 20 year lease with the port of Newport, Oregon. Read more at the Newport News Times. Also Newport named new port NOAA selects Yaquina Bay as homeport for Pacific operations

Related posts:
Two Items in the Register Guard Today

NOAA Bans Krill Harvesting

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mermaid in Israel

Reports of a mermaid in Haifa, Israel.
The nautical nymph is only seen in the evening at sunset, according to media reports, drawing crowds of people with cameras hoping for a glimpse.

"People say it is half girl, half fish, jumping like a dolphin. It does all kinds of tricks then disappears," Mr Zilberman said.

Thanks to lProfessor Hex for the link.
Mermaid image: Webweaver's Clipart.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cloud Ships

In keeping with the weather as terrorist theme, I came upon this: Cloud ships on course to beat climate change, says Copenhagen study. The plan calls for ships sailing the oceans blue and creating clouds to offset global warming:
A wind-powered fleet of 1,900 ships would criss-cross the oceans, sucking up sea water and spraying it from the top of tall funnels to create vast white clouds.

Globalists and scientists are interested,taking the proposal seriously:
Rival teams of British and American scientists are seeking funding for sea trials of prototype cloud-forming ships. The Carnegie Institute has donated several hundred thousand dollars to the US team.

Nature, the New Terrorist

The following article is so over the top down the rabbit hole conspiracy laden item I've come across in some time.

Climate Change Called Possible Security Threat, by John Broder of the New York Times, discusses the U.S. government's taking on global warming as a threat. Since the coming natural disasters will cause all kinds of disruptions, the government is getting ready:
raising the prospect of military intervention to deal with the effects of violent storms, drought, mass migration and pandemics, military and intelligence analysts say

I picked up on the word "pandemic," and see a connection between current swine flu signals and future pandemics. Swine flu is the practice drill.

Fear seems to be the trigger used here; we don't have terrorists (so much) to fear, I suspect authorities are aware of the limited time line of the effectiveness of the swine flu scare tactic, and there have been the random killings to keep us all jumpy. But what could be bigger, better and even supernatural in some ways, than weather and earth changes?

Nature can "topple governments, feed terrorist movements or destabilize entire regions." In other words, we don't know what can happen, except that anything can, and only the government can protect us, even while implementing Draconian laws and staging drills, attacks, and scenarios under various guises: to educate, to prepare, etc.

The following gave me a jolt:
An exercise last December at the National Defense University, an educational institute that is overseen by the military, explored the potential impact of a destructive flood in Bangladesh that sent hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming into neighboring India, touching off religious conflict, the spread of contagious diseases and vast damage to infrastructure.

There is a lot not being said directly in this piece but is full of easy to make connections. Congress has been involved in creating "climate legislation" bills, etc:
The department’s climate modeling is based on sophisticated Navy and Air Force weather programs and other government climate research programs at NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Military installations across the globe are threated by climate changes. For example "artic melting" is affecting not only the military but corporate globalism.

"School Nurses on front lines in war on swine flu"

This is startling: School Nurses On Front Lines in War on Swine Flu, from the Courier-Journal.

School nurses all over the U.S. are being prepped to be ready for the fall:
The Milwaukee nurses are armed with new flu-symptom tracking sheets they'll use to update area health officials.

Nurses are on prepared to be on the move if need be:
In San Joaquin County, Calif., “we are very busy preparing for this,” says Sheri Coburn, a registered nurse who directs health services for schools there. Officials in her area have agreed, she says, to move teams of school nurses from county to county, if needed, to staff vaccination clinics.

Hmmm, wonder how this will play out in some school districts around here, where one school nurse is expected to cover several schools, and often on a less than full time basis?

There's also this reminder/meme:
. . . school-age children are on the government's priority list for H1N1 vaccines and may even be vaccinated in schools.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Swine Flu Death in Lane County

First swine flu death in Lane County, which is the county I live in. The article in the Register Guard says the woman had "underlying chronic illnesses" but as usual, those illnesses aren't listed. What I found strange was this comment by Dr. Sarah Hendricksen, an active and well known doctor who's been around for years (and in fact, I was a patient -- very briefly -- of hers many, many years ago.) and is now the Lane County Public Health Officer, said:
While the woman’s death is the first in the county, she won’t be the last local resident to die from the disease, Hendrickson said. She said conventional seasonal influenza, which hits in late fall and winter, kills about 500 people each year in Oregon.

“The new (swine) flu will certainly kill that many and make a lot more sick,” she said. “It will probably kill more people than seasonal flu.

No details of the deceased were given.

There's a poll on the Register Guard site asking if the recent death in Lane County has prompted one to get a swine flu vaccination. Half the respondents replied no.

I couldn't find the link on-line but in the same edition in the main section was an article about swine flu shots coming soon; the usual warnings and subtle scare tactics.

More here: County sees first swine flu fatality

Sea Monkeys!

Friday, August 7, 2009

On Intangible Materiality: "Cetacean Humanoids Revisited"

I believe, if my memory serves me well, it was Greg Bishop who observed there are so many facets to the subject, the journey might be far more interesting than the final destination of proof.. ~ Bruce Duensing

Cetacean Humanoids Revisited, from Bruce Duensing at Intangible Materiality. Another simply fascinating post from Duensing.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Our gardens were fertilised by whales..."

Another beautiful piece on the intelligence and, yes, I"ll say it: spiritually, of whales and dolphins:Joy, grief, altruism... these extraordinary mammals show 'human' feelings and could even have their own religion by Philip Hoare.
Experiments conducted around the world have shown that they cannot only respond to spoken commands, but (almost uniquely among the animal kingdom) can recognise themselves in a mirror, and even in pictures held up against the glass wall of aquariums.
This displays a degree of intelligence and self-awareness that is truly awesome - and raises awkward questions about the morality of keeping animals such as these in cramped water parks, where they have no freedom to express their natural behaviour, however miraculous it may be to observe.

I have been privileged enough to see that intelligence on display in the wild. For the past eight years, I've watched and studied whales for my book, Leviathan. I've seen many different species, from the tiny harbour porpoise, barely bigger than a rugby ball, to the huge fin whale, which, at 85ft, is only just smaller than a blue whale.

I've seen humpback whales leap into the air, launching their entire 50ft bodies out of the water. I've even swum with sperm whales, close enough to feel their sonar (the sound waves they emit) reverberating through my skeleton like an MRI scan. It was almost as if they knew their place in the world - and mine. And that may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

Most recently, the world's greatest expert on sperm whales, Dr Hal Whitehead of Dalhousie University, Canada, has come to some stunning conclusions.

On the Coast: Newport Aquairium

Part of squid mural on wall inside aquarium.

Visited the Newport, Oregon Aquarium yesterday. My favorite parts: the jellyfish, the otters, and the overhead aquariums.

Many people volunteer at the aquarium, in fact, if it weren't for the volunteers, I'm not sure the place could offer all the good things they do. I plan on volunteering there myself when I move to the coast.

Took some pictures; the most eerie thing I saw were the Japanese spider crabs. They are huge; and very, truly alien looking. One crab was sitting on top of a rock that was high up in the tank; he looked like the King of the Under World -- from Mars, or something. They live to be 100 years old.

Japanese Spider Crabs. They are huge, and can live to be 100 years old.

The Newport Aquarium is hosting a display of artist Bruce Koike's "Gyotaku" the art of fish printing:
A new art exhibit has recently been installed in the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Passages of the Deep exhibit. Original gyotaku prints by Bruce Kioke complement the colorful Aquarium fish swimming nearby. “It’s a great opportunity to expose people to the art form,” said Koike, “and hopefully it will inspire appreciation for fish and other life forms.” He said it also has a natural stewardship message. “We need to be good stewards of the environment and native flora & fauna.”

Koike, Director of Aquarium Science Technology at Oregon Coast Community College in Newport, took an interest in the marine environment at a young age and his life seems to have evolved around water and fish. He earned a Master of Science degree in Fisheries from Oregon State University in 1988 and has worked at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans and the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Read more about the artist and the art of Gyotaku here.

Jellyfish! Interesting watching them; at one point, they all went up to the top of the tank, and I had the impression it was because there were a lot of people crowding around in one chunk, faces up close and personal. One little jellyfish swam up -- and what looked like into -- a very large jellyfish, who "opened up" and enfolded the little guy as it swam up. Probably anthropomorphizing on my part; whatever the reason they are beautiful, and kind of eerie, to watch.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shellfish Sacrifices

It seems that the creatures of the sea are getting our attention in various ways, including sacrifice.

You can get lobster cheap these days in some places.Looking for a Bargain Dinner? Try Lobster
Looking for an inexpensive change-up for your next backyard barbeque? Try lobster. "Per pound, it's less expensive than hot dogs right now," grumbles lobster-boat captain Mike Dassatt, who fishes the coast near Belfast, Maine, with his wife Sheila.

While this may seem good news for those that eat shellfish, it isn't for fisherman:
Local experts think lobster prices are headed even lower because the peak season for lobster fishing -- mid-August through late October -- hasn't even begun. Once those late summer and fall lobsters start hitting the docks, the fear is the new supply will crash prices even further in what's already a glutted market. "I have a strong feeling you'll see prices drop another 50 cents a pound," says Edward Hennessey Jr., president of northern Maine's Machias Savings Bank.

They're having an oyster crisis in France; over 90% of the oyster population are beset with some sort of plague; as yet unknown as the whats and whys. No more oysters for the French for some time to come:
Producers in Normandy are so worried that last month they handed out free boxes of the shellfish near Caen chanting: "Take these oysters, they may be the last you'll ever eat."

The oyster industry in France has been hit like this before, including last year, but not as badly. As with the above story about lobsters, the illness affecting the oysters impacts economics and people's livelihood.

As to the cause of the oyster destruction, it seems we're back to the climate changes again:
Warmer sea temperatures, perhaps related to global warming, may also be partially responsible, as they weaken the young oysters and increase the amount of microscopic plankton the baby shellfish eat so they gorge themselves to death. Toxic algae and chemical residues could also be factors.

Anvils and Green Peas: Signals From the Skies

Jellyfish below, clouds above . . .

Here is a highly unusual "anvil" cloud photographed by astronauts working on the ISS:Pictured: The giant anvil-shaped cloud hovering 75,000ft above Earth is photographed by Space Station astronauts

A type of galaxy has been found, with the help of organizations like the "Peas Brigade" and the "Peas Corps" . . . images here.

Jellyfish Keep Planet Cool

Jellyfish May Help Keep Planet Cool
Jellyfish and other related creatures may be helping to reduce the effects of climate change by stirring up the oceans, according to a new study in this week's issue of the journal Nature.

It seems jellyfish are intelligent creatures and making their presence known to us in vivid ways. They swarm, they "attack" nuclear plants, they're answering the cry of the oceans. (I'm not sure why the article comes with two clips of a scientist squirting green fluorescent dye at a jellyfish; cool effect and fun, but how does it affect the jellyfish, and there wasn't any information on the purpose.)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Candy and Jellyfish Sky

A very active, involved, epic dream adventure last night; here's one "episode" about UFOs:

I'm outside, daylight, with a group of about a dozen people. I'm in the neighborhood where I grew up in Los Angeles, a few residential streets away from my house. However, I'm "me" now, an adult, with my husband here, not a child. I look up in the sky, which is full of huge white puffy clouds, just lovely, though the clouds seem kind of low. We can almost reach out and touch them.

Then I see several huge jellyfish in the sky swarming right above us. This is so amazing, so beautiful! They're about the size of orcas, they're dancing and swirling and "swimming" in the sky/clouds. I get everyone's attention and we watch the jellyfish, then it dawns on us that "Hey, wait just a minute . . . jellyfish don't belong in the sky!" I, we, quickly understand that the jellyfish aren't "real" jellyfish but UFOs. I suddenly seem to be full of knowledge that the jellyfish appearance is "how they cloak themselves" I tell everyone. "They've been doing this for years," I say.

Someone asks, "Shouldn't we tell someone, like the police?" and I say that it wouldn't do any good, they already know all about it, and won't do anything.

After a little bit, the jellyfish begin to change. First one, then the other, they either disappear by just "blinking out," or they change form. From a breathtaking creature of nature, to a garish cartoony image of candy, the sky has now become a billboard of sorts, advertising candy with silly goofy images, like the blue M&M's doll, things like that.

"Oh," everyone laughs, relieved. "It's just an ad for candy!"

I can still see, faintly, a few jellyfish/UFOs in the sky, but they've gone dim and are in the background a bit. I tell everyone "No, you're wrong! That's what they want you to think! It's not real."

Someone says "Of course they're not real; it's a commercial for candy!"

Exasperated, I say "Not that! I mean, the jellyfish are real, it's the candy that isn't!"

"Why would the jellyfish pretend to be candy?" Someone asks me, suspiciously, as if I've somehow caused the whole thing. Worse, that I'm up to no good.

Somehow I know things I didn't realized I knew, as if the jellyfish are sending information to my head. "I mean, the government knows about the jellyfish, and they're using the candy to distract us from the jellyfish UFOs."

At that moment, dozens of brightly colored, over sized candy images drop from the sky onto the sidewalk. Dolls, figures, walking talking boxes, etc. of various candy types line up on the sidewalk right in front of us, hold hands, and start dancing and singing.

Everyone is delighted with this garish and silly display. "See!" someone turns to me, sneering. "It's just a cute candy ad; nothing weird about it."

Meanwhile, the jellyfish are still up there; faint, but there. I try once again to convince them they're not really seeing what they think they are, or, that they're not seeing at all, but I've been dismissed. (The only person who sees the truth is my husband, but he's shouted down as well whenever he tries to support what I'm saying.)

Later, I briefly wonder why, if the jellyfish don't want to be seen, are they appearing as jellyfish in the sky? Isn't that contrary to where jellyfish reside? Then again, this reversal of jellyfish habitat might be so that we do pay attention. After all, they're aware that they will be denied, so appearing as jellyfish or some other out of place object would be sure to get noticed.

Well, that's that!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine: Women and Children First

TV on, commercial breaks, not paying much attention, when a quick news clip just kind of flashed on; camera zooms in on pregnant women's stomachs, voice over says something along the lines of "Pregnant women should be the first to get the swine flu vaccine" and a comment about "at risk" and that was that. "Hmmmm," I said to myself. "That's interesting."

It seems to me that injecting a vaccine barely tested, and having a really bad track record in the 1970s (in its previous incarnation) while pregnant wouldn't be the best idea for baby. Let alone mom. Some 1970s propaganda:

And the Sixty Minutes segment from the same era:

The other group being targeted: children. In schools. As I've posted here before, it's unclear at this point if the vaccines are to be given in the schools; or of course, if the vaccines are to be mandated.

Pregnant women and children first. Ostensibly because they're at the highest risk, and our most valuable commodity, so the myth goes. Reality tells us a very different story: as long as their are children living in poverty, homeless, without health care, etc. we don't have anything close to the claim children are our most precious resource. But that's another rant for another day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watching the Swine Flu Stream

Lesley Gunter has a good piece on the swine flu for her Gray Matters column: Fear Mongering Swine. As Lesley begins:
Sometimes certain things just scream CONSPIRACY. To me, swine flu is one of those things."

I agree; there's something about the swine flu saga that, when I first heard about it, just reeked of, as Lesley says, "CONSPIRACY" in big letters.

Lesley mentions yet another phrase in the plan: "hospitals need surge capacity," a term I haven't encountered yet. Aside from the vaccinations, testing and storage issues, quarantines, summer camp outbreaks, reminders that the flu will come back bigger and stronger than ever in the Fall, we are also being fed the meme that hospitals might not be able to cope with the swine flu fallout.

I've been commenting here on the vaccinations in the schools; so far, ostensibly just for students but no doubt it will be mandatory, and that goes for school staff as well. Lesley thinks so as well:
Already, there seems to be a plan forming to vaccinate school children (and probably teachers). The word "mandatory" hasn't been used yet, but I wouldn't doubt that it eventually will be and that they will force this upon anyone who must attend or work at a public school. In this article, it says that this vaccination is separate from a regular flu shot, meaning if you were really into getting flu shots, you would actually need both to be "safe."

Moving on; I notice two items in today's paper about swine flu. As I've mentioned here in other posts, it's very interesting to note the seemingly innocent little items tucked in here and there in our local papers that appear almost every day. Sometimes there are two, three or more of these little, ostensibly unrelated, news bits about some aspect of swine flu.

Actually, the first item isn't about swine flu and in fact, doesn't mention swine flu at all. Faulty storage may mean new shots for patients. 22,000 people need to get revaccinated after inspections at three different clinics revealed "errors" in vaccine storage practices. Patients won't be charged for getting revaccinated, and the article stressed that the vaccines weren't harmed; just not as effective. We have two messages in this item: one, fear and anxiety over the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations, and two, reminders that such places exist (health department, storage clinics, etc.) and to get ready for vaccination time when it comes around in October.

The second item:

On the local paper's website (Register Guard) I found the following item for today's paper, though it wasn't in the print editon, since it is a "breaking news item" Nasal-spray swine flu vaccine easier to make
Maryland-based MedImmune Inc. told the U.S. government Thursday it will only have about 14 million doses of nasal-spray vaccine bottled and ready to use in October - but that's because it can't keep up with putting the vaccine into the special sprayer. MedImmune says it will have tens of millions more doses sitting in bulk and ready to bottle.

Message: there are "only 14 million doses" ready so far. Anxiety that we won't get our vaccinations.

Centers seek volunteers to test swine flu vaccine, is the title of item in the paper, but couldn't find the article on the on-line edition. So I type in the article title: Centers seek volunteers to test swine flu vaccine, along with the journalists name; Lauran Neergaard, and the links that pop up don't go the article, but the above one about the nasal vaccine. Here's one from Fox (gasp) on the same AP release:
The government called Wednesday for several thousand volunteers to start rolling up their sleeves for the first swine flu shots, in a race to test whether a new vaccine really will protect against the virus before its expected rebound in the fall.

"to test whether a new vaccine really will ...??!!" And how much can we reasonably expect to find out in two months?

First, doctors will test different doses of the swine flu vaccine in healthy adults, including the elderly -- two shots, given 21 days apart. If there are no immediate safety concerns, such as allergic reactions, the same testing quickly will begin in babies and children,

Here's some encouraging words from Dr. William Schaffenr at Vanderbilt University, who said, when asked about the safety of the vaccine:
"It ought to be extremely safe,"

"Ought to" isn't good enough. More testing will go on, from other vaccine developers, including testing of the nasal spray.

"Mr. Squidlet"

From the "I'm Running Cause I Can't Fly" blog, this image and item about "Mr. Squidlet"a pig squidlet.

Dead Shark Found in Street

Sad and weird item: a dead shark was found in the streets of Miami. The shark was about six feet long, lugged around by two men who were trying to sell it to local fish markets -- for $10.00! -- which proves they were not only creeps, but flappin' clown shoe creeps.

Adding to this already surreal story is the following comment by one Miami resident:

"It was a relief that it was a shark," said Keith Smith. "When I first saw it, I thought it was a body because of all the shootings that have been going on."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Krill Ban in PNW Oceans

NOAA Bans Krill Harvesting in Pacific Ocean to Save Food for Whales

(NaturalNews) In order to help protect the food supply of whales, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced a ban on krill harvesting in a wide section of the Pacific Ocean off the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California. The effort is part of NOAA's longstanding attempts to protect the delicate food supply of marine mammals.

As the Associated Press reported last week, "Krill are taken primarily off Antarctica, where scientists have raised concerns the fishery has upset the food web, making life tougher for penguins and other marine life. The catch is processed into food for salmon farms, as well as home aquariums, and an oil consumed by people." (Krill oil.)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This dame has moxie; she's going back in. Her experience sounds like something from a 1950s si fi movie, sort of a Giant Squid Attacks Female Diver but on a serious note, earthquakes, earth changes and global warming are contributing factors to sea creatures, such as the Humboldt Squid, washing up on beaches, and becoming even more curious, as well as aggressive, than they already are.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eugene, Oregon: "Swine Flu Hitting Local Residents"

As I noted in the post below, written last night -- watch out, for we'll be seeing more and more swine flu memes, alerts and little news bits on the swine flu. Sure enough, in this morning's Register Guard, on the front page is this item titled Swine flu hitting local residents." The item notes that there are the Sacred Heart Hospital at Riverbend is treating 13 people for swine flu, and another 40 have received care from other health centers in the area. The first confirmed case of swine flu in the area was in May.

As to the vaccine, now it seems one will need (and hopefully not mandated) to take not one, but two doses:
"Federal officials say they expect several hundred million doses of swine flu vaccine to be available by fall, though it will require two shots, in addition to a separate shot for seasonal flu,"

Forced Swine Flu Vaccination Petition

This is the point where I become uneasy at my own indulgence and curiousity. I've been following the swine flu "signals" for some time now. Lately, things turned a bit ugly; more and more little items about deaths from swine flu, summer camps closing due to campers with the flu, the comments from Sebalieus concerning swine flu vaccination centers in the schools . . . and now, talk of mantadory vaccinations. Those who refuse will be jailed, or, something. . . and there's a petition on-line one can sign urging the powers that be to stand down. It's this last bit that both scares the hell out of me and almost makes me laugh. It scares the hell out of me because anyone who doesn't think this could happen, well, ... wake up. On the other hand, it just seems so damn over the top, and I can't help but put it in context; Jeff Rense is all over this and we all know what I think about him. No to Forced Swine Flu Vaccination Petition.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Andrew Colvin Interview

Andrew Colvin, along with Adam Gorightly, Joan D'Arc, Peter Lavenda, Iona Miller, Pinchbeck, a few others, have it right, or close to it, in my opinion. They go about it in their own way but I'd put them in the same category. Anyway, listen to Colvin (author of Mothman Photographer's series) on this podcast.

Yeah, it's "dark" but it's still truly esoteric, in that just about all sides consider this perspective kooky and embarrassing. Some UFO researchers and paranormal/anomalous researchers would gain from going in this direction. It's a fine line between this kind of thing -- and I don't neccesarily share in all of the opinions or theories expressed -- and the horrible yellow journalism, drama queen hysterics of Jeff Rense. It's the process, the style I guess; looking at tendrils of that estoeric octopus. More on this later, meantime, listen to the interview, and if you haven't read any of Gorightly's books or Colvin's.